In Sanskrit, URVEE means the  Earth. The Trees, the Forests, the Lakes, the Mountains. Wind, Water, Fire, Earth. The Life-blood of our existence on this planet.
We are a small team of environment-friendly enthusiasts with a mission to give back to the Earth, what it gave us, over so many generations.

We've called ourselves Urvee because it encapsulates what we stand for in our commitment to invest our time and resources. Efforts that in some small way could make the world a better place to live in.

One ton of traditional Indian handmade paper, produced from cotton rag waste, saves an estimated 277 Eucalyptus or 462 Bamboo trees that would have been cut down and sent to a conventional paper mill.


Urvee Charitable Trust

Our first project is concerned with encouraging artisans who work with re-cycled paper. Our focus here is to help them recognize that their skill can result in a lot more than an end-product. It can help save a very valuable resource...Trees! Through the free paper bag making workshops under-priveleged women learn a craft and earn while they learn.  Every bag is hand crafted to perfection.

Urvee Charitable Trust accepts donations for many projects that aims at empowering less fortunate women and girls.  If you want to volunteer in any of their activities please feel free to contact co-ordinators Rekha Mavinkurve or Nandini Karanje.

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